About Us

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During the sites start up period, we are offering anyone who registers, a full year of unlimited job listings. This will allow you to try out the site and find out if it helps your recruitment needs.

Our aim

With todays current Economic climate, having to pay thousands for online recruitment is a big ask for most companies. So here is a simple solution to that problem. Lets offer online recruitment at an affordable price.
The aim of this site is to make recruitment accessible and affordable to all companies in Northern Ireland.

Pricing Structure The pricing structure is based on 2 options, the Express Service and the Bulk Service.

Express Service

This package is ideal for smaller companies who may only advertise a few jobs per year. A full job listing can be created and added to the site for a one of fee of £40. Additional jobs can be added as required at a similar fee of £40. At any time you can move from the Express Service to the Bulk Service if you want to avail of unlimited job listings.

Bulk Service

This package is ideal for companies who will be advertsing a larger number of jobs per year. The Bulk Service costs £200 per 12 month period and offers unlimited job listings. You are free to add as many job listings as you wish during the 12 months. At the end of the 12 months you can renew your service for a further 12 months or move to the Express service and post jobs on an individual basis.

Additional Benefits

  • Include your company profile to showcase your business and include your address and contact details
  • Add your company logo, which will be displayed on the Search Results and Job Details pages.
  • Have your job listing emailed to potential jobseekers to instantly attract applicants.